6 Must-Know Tips about Essential PPC Strategies in 2021

Essential PPC Strategies to Your Business Can Use

Statistics indicate that companies receive an average revenue of $2 on every $1 spent on pay-per-click advertising. However, everyone wants to get the best possible return on investment (ROI) and not just settle for average. As such, there is a need to employ the Essential PPC strategies for the best returns. This article highlights some of the best strategies to use.

1. Use Multiple Platforms to Advertise

In many cases, companies use Google Ads as the main focus of their online advertising. It is a smart move because it reaches millions of people, and potential customers may be among the audience. However, the best thing to do is to have other platforms where you can reach your target market and not focus only on Google Ads.

Other platforms that have lots of users include social media platforms. Social media platforms can help you build brand awareness, make sales, and also improve customer loyalty. The best thing to do is conduct research on the available ad networks and list those that align with your PPC strategy.

2. Mobile-friendly Landing Pages

When devising your PPC strategy, remember that mobile users play a significant role in online transactions. More than 50% of the world’s internet traffic originates from mobile users. Similarly, 50% of ad clicks are on mobile devices, and 40% of online transactions happen on mobile devices.

Your business will benefit significantly if your landing page is mobile-friendly. When users click on the ads on their mobile devices, they need to find a fast, intuitive, and relevant landing page.

3. Use a Remarketing Campaign

Among the Essential PPC strategies you can use, remarketing is one of the best. Remarketing involves retargeting the people who interacted with your website. You can use Google Analytics to get information on the people visiting your page, the time they spend, and the products they view. The information will help you come up with the best strategy for remarketing.

4. Use Ad Extensions

Ad extensions can are essential to your PPC campaign strategy because they will enable your audience to communicate with your team. Potential clients can click on the extensions and ask the questions they have.

Some of the ad extensions you can use include message extensions, call extensions, and price extensions. The audience will easily access the information they need, making it easy for them to decide.

5. Have a Realistic Budget

Budgeting is another critical part of the PPC advertising strategy. You determine your own budget, but having an extremely low budget will not get you results. It doesn’t mean that you need an expensive budget. All you need is a realistic budget formed as a result of research on industry averages. For instance, you can check the average cost-per-click for ads in the industry.

6. Make Your Ad Copy as Compelling as Possible

For success with your PPC strategy, your ad copy has to be top-notch. The ad title, description, images, and videos have to hook the users. A compelling ad that shows your product’s benefits will get more people to click on your ad and lead to more conversions.

Remember that developing a top-notch ad copy may take time but will bring in significant returns. It should be among your PPC ad campaign priorities. The best part of it is that you can hire an ad copywriter to help you come up with the best ad copy.


The article has covered some of the Essential PPC strategies you can use to improve your company sales. The strategies will also improve your brand visibility and help your business to grow. Remember that you need to research the industry before deciding on the best strategy to employ.

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