8 Important Email Marketing Tips in 2021

Email Marketing Tips that Will Lead to Improved Results

It’s always good to know helpful Email Marketing Tips because Email marketing is a somewhat intricate process.

It involves activities such as building lists, carrying out measurements, copyrighting, and so on. In all these areas, there is always a new thing that can be learned or improved.

If you are a business owner or marketer, who has limited resources, keeping up can prove to be difficult.

This article sheds light on the topic by providing a few email marketing tips to help you get the most out of the powerful tool.

  1. Conduct a test on your subject line before delivering the message

What if there was a way to test your subject line? Well, there is!

This amazing tool is known as the email subject line tester. Using the service is free, and it will optimize the subject of your emails, giving you a peek into how they will appear in your recipients’ inboxes.

  1. Incorporating real names of people as senders

When your target customers receive emails that have names of actual people as senders, they are able to recognize your business as a friendly brand.

Consider including the name of the employee creating the email message in the sender field.

  1. Personalization

Your recipients want to feel appreciated. Refer to them like they were people and not just numbers.

To introduce a personal touch to your email marketing message, write the name of the recipient.

  1. Find out what your recipients feel about stats and numbers

According to YesWare, incorporating statistical figures in an email can result in a slight increase in the number of clicks and replies.

Why is this?

  • Numbers make subject lines more compelling. A subject line with the words “Save 35%” is more captivating than one that just says, “Save money.”
  • Often, it is hard to believe statistics, even if they are true. A recipient will be pushed to click to confirm whether the numbers are true.

It is, therefore, important to share interesting numbers and stats in your message.

  1. Use preview text to your advantage.

Some email clients show a preview of the email message just after displaying the subject line.

Generally, this slot is allocated to information in the email if the sender fails to specify the preview text. By leaving the preview text field blank, you are kind of missing an important opportunity because the information serves to add more context to the subject line.

By choosing terms such as “last call” to be part of your preview text, the subject line drives urgency and gives more details about how there is little time left for the recipient to enjoy the favorable deal.

  1. Minimize your usage of all-caps

When subject lines feature all-caps, they appear to be shouting to the reader.

  1. Clean up your emails

You don’t want to send an email that looks like it was composed back in the 90s. When a recipient gets enticed by the preview text and subject line of your email, you want to retain their interest by crafting a crisp message in the body.

Achieve this by:

  • Incorporating shorter paragraphs and making sure that phrases and keywords remain relevant to the subject line.
  • Using bullet points ensures that all vital points are summarized and not missed as the reader skims through the message.
  • Making sure that sentences and words have a clear goal. If some content appears irrelevant, do away with it.
  1. Including a call-to-action

Adding CTAs is one of the classic email marketing tips. Since one item might not compel your reader to click where necessary, including a call-to-action button on the header, inline text, and conclusion will do the trick.

What is Email Marketing?

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