Effective Marketing Tips for Attorneys

The attorney marketplace is certainly competitive, with law firms fighting for market share and potentially hundreds of other attorneys or law firms looking to grow their businesses. In order to bring forward the best experience for their clients, attorneys focus on their craft and continuously enhance their skills. While this will help them better assist the clients they land, sharing this priority with marketing is also essential to grow their brand and helping bring new clients through the doors.

According to a recent survey, 66% of attorneys do their own marketing. If you fall into this percentage, you already understand the balance of operating your business along with taking care of your current clients. If you are new to marketing or simply looking to enhance your current efforts, this article will give you fast, effective attorney marketing tips that you can begin deploying immediately to maximize your potential and client base.

Attorney Marketing Tips

Identify Your Ideal Client

The first step toward building a marketing strategy for any industry is identifying and learning about your target audience and the types of clients that will be attracted to your brand or business. From here, you can learn more about them as individuals and what makes them tick. This will ensure that any type of marketing you execute will be catered directly to those clients for maximum effect.

The more detail you can collect and answer about your target audience, the better. Think about all aspects of their daily lives, including the problems that would bring them to you for help and where they might go to find your services.

Tell Your Story

When searching out your services, your unique brand and story will help you stand out from the crowd. What is something that you or your firm do better than anyone else? What is your style, and how can you leverage it toward your target audience? What is something you can provide to the client that no one else can?

Being able to sell your story to your clients will separate you from the rest of the pack and create a personal connection to your brand that they can feel comfortable and confident working with. Out of all the attorney marketing tips we provide, this is one where you can really get creative and showcase your brand.

Do Competitive Research

Knowing the other law firms within your area that specialize in the same type of services you do, or who are known to have gained a large amount of market share will help you further learn tactics you can implement to market your firm more effectively as well as what you need to do to set yourself apart.

When conducting your own web search, which firms come up first? What does their website look like? What type of audience do they seem to be speaking to? It is likely that you will find both opportunities to improve your own marketing strategies as well as how they could improve theirs.

Reviews, Testimonials, and Awards

The power of social media can be one of your best assets while marketing your firm and developing credibility into your services. Encourage your clients to leave reviews and testimonials, and post these prominently on your website or business directory pages.

If you or your firm has won awards, whether that is from accredited organizations recognizing your work or those you have won from cases on your client’s behalf, showcase them. Whatever you have received that can help you rise to the top of search results and catch the eye of prospective clients is going to benefit your business.

Optimize Your Platforms

Your website is the doorway into your firm. What clients should find when they open that door should be appealing to the eyes and present them with relevant information that allows them to act when they are ready. Similarly, your presence on social media will broaden your audience of prospective clients and help them better understand your identity. Identifying the best way to use each type of platform to market to clients is crucial to your conversion rate.

Publishing regular content via either medium is a great way to engage with your clients on an ongoing business. Consider blog posts that educate your clients on your area of expertise or tips that can help them understand the steps they need to take should they be in need of your assistance. Answering client questions directly via social media shows that you are invested in them on a personal level.

Leverage SEO

For many who may be unfamiliar with the capabilities and benefits, search engine optimization (SEO) can be an intimidating space to branch into. However, when utilized properly, it can mean the difference between a prospective client coming to you or going to a competitor.

Essentially, SEO is exactly what it sounds like – it is implementing specific tactics that will get your website to the top of search engine results. Whether these are front-facing tactics, such as using keywords that your clients are more likely to search for, or back-end tactics, like how to name the pages of your website, maximizing these tactics will ensure your firm is front and center.

SEO itself could have its own subset of attorney marketing tips that can be leveraged. If this feels like an area that you would rather hire an expert for, there are many agencies, like Unifage, that will help your firm establish strong SEO for a price point that firms of any size can live with.

Wrap Up

Utilizing these attorney marketing tips will help you learn how to expand your business in the short term and long into the future. While any marketing plan or strategy takes time to fully mature, and you may make dozens of changes along the way, spending quality time developing a framework for these tactics now will ensure you are best set up for success to make your business dreams a reality.