There are many different components within a comprehensive e-commerce marketing strategy and knowing which ones to implement can be overwhelming. Not all of them may be right or necessary for your business or needs. UNIFAGE, an e-commerce marketing agency, will work with you to define the right strategy for your goals and objectives, bringing you the increase in traffic you desire to grow your business.

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As a business owner, you would never open a storefront and do nothing else but wait for the customers to walk through your doors. E-commerce marketing functions in the same way. It’s not enough to set up a website and hope that customers stumble upon it. You need to develop ways to actively engage with your customers, and e-commerce marketing does exactly that and more:

  • Drives traffic. Through combining marketing methods such as social media marketing, content marketing, and search engine marketing, you’re hitting your prospective customer base from all angles, increasing the potential for traffic to come flooding into your site.
  • Makes it easy for customers to find your product. Targeting your preferred customer base through personalized messaging and advertising keeps your product and services at the top of their mind and tip of their fingers.
  • Increases conversion. When you’re able to engage with customers at all stages of the purchasing process, you increase the likelihood that they will take all the steps from first learning about you to buying or subscribing to your product.
  • Drives customer satisfaction and loyalty. Regular touchpoints with customers and personalized content let them know that you’re thinking of them and interested in retaining them. Running promotions and campaigns designed to stimulate their interest will keep them coming back for more.
  • Reactivates dormant customers. Reminders on abandoned shopping carts or wish-lists, or even nudges to customers that haven’t engaged with you in a while will bring their minds back to your product or service and increase the likelihood that they complete the transaction.


Social Media Integration

UNIFAGE will seamlessly integrate your business onto fast-growing social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Leveraging these sites builds your businesses connection to your customers, and gives you access to other brands and influencers that can help boost your exposure and gain you loyal followers.


Together we will craft a strategy and campaign to minimize abandonment of shopping cards or customer engagement through friendly reminders loaded with incentives to encourage them to come back.

Case studies

Our team will structure and conduct thorough case studies into the effectiveness of your product or services. Backed by research and supported through data, these case studies are both trustworthy and credible. You will gain valuable insights into your brand and know exactly which levers to pull to maximize your reach.

Streamline the shopping channel

We will redesign your existing shopping experience or create an entirely new one that is exciting and engaging to your customers.

Clear, concise product descriptions and pricing will build trust and certainty and give your customers peace of mind that they’ll receive exactly what they’re looking for.

Live Chat Communication Platform

UNIFAGE will implement a robust communications platform for your customers, including a live chat experience to allow for real-time questions and conversation.

Content and Video Marketing

Our expert e-commerce marketing agency will develop a strategy for all your content and video marketing needs, identifying which methods to use at which times and in which locations that will maximize connection and exposure to your customers.


No two businesses are alike, and at UNIFAGE we understand the need for personalized approaches that take into account the unique needs and goals of the business, designing an e-commerce strategy that fits you best.
What To Expect

First, every piece of content you release under your brand will be targeted at a specific group of people. This is done to ensure that all of the resources used to create the content are put to good use and that the objectives are met.
You should expect increased site traffic with Unifage Digital Marketing Agency on your team.


Faster buying process for customers and fulfillment alike


Cost reduction in upkeep to your online store compared to physical locations


Customer and business flexibility with products and services available 24/7


Unlimited, global reach to customers interested in your product


Payment flexibility allowing customers to transact with you in a variety of ways

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Partner with UNIFAGE, an e-commerce marketing agency, today, see immediate growth and results. Contact us to get started!