E-commerce is the shopping and paying off your items and services on an online stage.
Ecommerce marketing is the method of using promotion plans to bring traffic to your online business with the hope that you will convert the traffic into leads, leads into your customers, and maintaining them for future sales.

ecommerce marketing


  • It provides the customers with a wide range of products and services- E-Commerce allows your customers to choose a product from any store across the world
  • It is comfortable and straightforward — Customers can make their orders without having to shop for them physically. This is amazing because no physical limitations like climate, sickness, being busy will stop them from making orders. A click away, paying and waiting for delivery.
  • Ecommerce marketing saves costs — Products bought via the internet will always be cheaper because there is the elimination of the middlemen. The consumer can directly purchase a product from the company that makes them.
  • It is time-saving — this is the main advantage. Placing an order, completing payments would take a customer about 10minutes. Then delivery at your desired place within a week or two. Online shops operate 24hrs.
  • It gives all the information on a product or service — The internet allows consumers to compare prices, pricing, review of the product from different stores. One can also add items to a cart and later modify them to their satisfaction.


Business and Social Media Integration

We help integrate your business on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook that are fast-growing. They nurture the business’ connection to people, brands and influencers. Using captivating posts and tags brings you more followers, which will help you gain customers.

Do Follow-ups

We help in minimizing the carts that have not been checked out. Reminding your customers to complete a purchase, giving them discounts and free shipping will encourage them to complete the purchase. This is called an email recovery campaign. We formulate an email that lures your customers to revisit their carts by reminding them why they added the product to the cart in the first place.

Case studies

Case studies are factual data sets that are typically gathered over time. Because they have scientific and other research backgrounds, they can be trusted.

A case study supported by our teams will be thorough, with credible sources throughout.

Streamline the shopping channel

At Unifage, we provide a better shopping platform for your customers. When you have a well-designed website, customers will trust it more and have a clear image of your dealing. This will keep them coming.

E-commerce platforms management

We help you in Scheduling for live chat with your customers. Your customers might have burning questions that your store would best answer and guide them. Having these live chats with them increases your convenience, thus a better shopping experience.

Future planning

Planning for future sales means that you always have to be on top of the game. Expanding your business means identifying your market and seeing if it is worthy. Creating pages of new products and seeing the customers.

Content marketing program management

Unifage helps you start a content marketing program by creating blogs to connect with your customers, start a podcast, or build awareness by having a guest post on your pages.

We customize your service!

At Unifage, we Embrace individualization using behavioral data and actions to serve the visitors.
What To Expect

First, every piece of content you release under your brand will be targeted at a specific group of people. This is done to ensure that all of the resources used to create the content are put to good use and that the objectives are met.
You should expect increased site traffic with Unifage Digital Marketing Agency on your team.


Universal growth- People can find you globally and you an open branch from any point


24-hour shop — This means people can shop around the clock. At the same time, you will be receiving money and be delivered at your convenient time


Automatic inventory tracking and management — when customers make purchases, the stock is automatically updated, and the system is more accurate.

Your finances will also be directed to your bank account you registered with


Payments flexibility — You will be able to receive payments through any means. Like PayPal, phone numbers and bank accounts

7 Important e-commerce website elements in 2021

7 Important e commerce website elements in 2021
Having us on your team will improve your Ecommerce business and make it great.

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