Email marketing is the transmission of a commercial message via email to a recipient or a group of people. The emails could be about a company advertisement or a product description.
Unifage provides your company with the best email marketing techniques available.

Email Marketing


  • To stay connected — They can check their emails and keep in touch whenever it is a convenient time for them.
  • Customers can keep in touch in real-time — Nowadays, almost everybody owns a phone. Emails are a direct way of responding to your stores.
  • Email marketing is the most preferred and wanted method of communication – Email is a professional way of sending information about a particular product or service.
  • Email marketing is an open stage of communication- nowadays, there are even conference meetings that can be held via video calls. The customers get to interact with the sellers one on one.
  • Through email marketing, customers can get information directly and relevant details of the product they want.
  • A customer is sure that it will deliver a message or feedback. There are no middle people, so messages are delivered faster and to the right person.
  • Email marketing is global- you are sure to interact with every organization you want to purchase products across the world.


Email subscriptions increment

At Unifage, we get more email subscribers. By making the clients sign up to gain access to certain information can get you more subscribers.

Email marketing campaign management

We better your email campaigns by sending a welcome back message, giving promotions and free coupons, alert subscribers on new discount offers and company news, sending relevant messages to your customers.

Email message engagement

Messaging your clients’ wishlist reminder emails is one of our strategies. Wishlist reminder emails are almost the same as reminding them to come to check out the forgotten cart. We send them in hoping they will remember and come to complete the purchase.

Increased brand awareness

We increase brand awareness by conducting email marketing campaigns.

AI customization

Using Artificial Intelligence individualization, we create email content with relevant information and ads that your customers’ interest in and send.
What Are The Expected Results?


Your emails will be specific and individualized — You will be able to send personalized content to your targeted customers. This will improve your relevance to them.


Establish authenticity with your customers — sending a well-labelled email with greetings and maybe a smiley emoji to your customers will make them be interested and look more into your details.


Your business becomes more recognized — You can write all information about your company and send it because it gives you a direct link to your customer’s mailbox.


Email marketing improves the revenue — when you create an enticing email, it attracts your readers, and they will want to find more about your products. This can convert visitors into high paying customer.


Optimize your time and budget — Sending an email to all your subscribers is very affordable and cost-saving. The money you were to spend putting up billboards could be saved. Developing a professional email is not as complex or time-consuming. The interaction time with your customers is manageable, unlike the traditional means.


Increased traffic to your website — You can add relevant links to your email content. The captivating links will lead to curious visitors who will click to see more. The sign-up menu pops, and they register. The more subscribers you get, the more traffic on your website. This will improve your SEO efforts.


Builds a better relationship with your customers -If you send a friendly email starting with warm greetings and then the content, the effort is noticed, and your customer loves that.

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