Email marketing is an effective tool in your suite of digital marketing applications, as it helps you stay relevant and at the forefront of the minds of your customers. Whether it be a promotional email advertising new products or services or check-in to say hello and remind the customer of why you’re so great, UNIFAGE can help you create the right email marketing strategy for your message and purpose.

Email Marketing


  • Maintain connection. Emails can be as simple as a quick check-in or as complex as a new product launch. Regardless of purpose, they serve as a consistent touchpoint to your customers to let them know you care about their business.
  • Real-time contact. Many people use their phones for all aspects of their daily communication, including email. The ability to have your customers see your email and interact with it instantaneously can lead to higher sales and conversion.
  • Low-cost, low-effort, high ROI. The amount of money it costs to send an email is almost negligible compared to the benefits and returns. Many email services even allow you to send a certain number every month completely free. Email marketing is really a no-brainer.
  • Easy to measure. Partnering with an email marketing agency who can set your campaigns up in an easy-to-use tool will enable you to track all aspects and metrics within the process. You will gain invaluable knowledge and feedback from your customers to learn how to best interact with them.
  • Targeted and personal. Identifying your ideal customer and the stage of the purchasing cycle they are currently in will help you craft an email strategy for each and every unique persona. To the customer, it will feel like you are speaking directly to them.
  • Increased brand awareness. Emails are also a great way to showcase your brand’s story and highlight ways that you are giving back or appreciating the very customers you’re speaking to. These communications are more than just sales, they’re advertisements about you.
  • Wide reach. While not everyone may engage with or have a social media account, they are very likely to still use email. You will be able to reach an even higher degree of customers by expanding your digital marketing campaign into emails.


Email Subscriptions

UNIFAGE will craft a subscription program for your content to help your customers engage with you on a regular and ongoing basis.

Campaign Management

We will manage all aspects of your email campaigns to deliver the right message at the right time, including promotions, coupons, and company news and events.

Email Reminders

Our email marketing agency will design a strategy around reminder emails, such as forgotten carts or wishlists, for your customers that aren’t overly burdensome or feel like spam.

AI customization

Using artificial intelligence, UNIFAGE will create email content with relevant information individualized to each customer and their interests.
What To Expect


Personalized, strategic email campaigns to increase your relevancy and make your customers feel valued


Authentic, well-structured content that engages with the audience on their level, leading them to want to interact


Increased revenue through increased exposure across a wider range of audiences


Cost-savings through concentration on email marketing over other more costly methods


Increased traffic to your website through email content containing links, calls-to-action, and subscription information to draw in engagement


Enhanced relationships and loyalty across your customer base through personal, ongoing, and engaging content


UNIFAGE is an expert email marketing agency. Contact us today to get started!