Marketing Reports and Analytics entails gathering, organizing, and comparing data sources so that you can easily assess how well your digital marketing campaigns are performing. It also deals with data tracking and identifying actionable steps to improve marketing goals.

In inbound digital marketing, reporting gathers all data and stores it in one location to make it useful. Analytics in digital marketing, on the other hand, is a behind-the-scenes tool.

It helps with the processing and scrutinizing of the reports to provide a comprehensive result that helps a business optimize the performance of their digital campaigns. It assists a company in determining which campaigns are successful and how to improve them.
Both are dependant on numbers.
Unifage experts can help your company create a successful review through reports and analysis.

Marketing Reports and Analytics


Here are some of the reasons why companies require digital marketing report and analytics

  • It helps with market trend identification. These two measuring tools of success can show you the trends your business is following. The reports jot down the data while analytics makes more sense of the date taken. The result is a comprehensive measure of which marketing trends are leading plus their numbers and if your campaigns are within the winning range.
  • Report and analytics are real-time tracking tools of active digital marketing campaigns. Reports and analytics are continuous. For this reason, they become real-time projectors that show all the current insights to help the enterprise make swift but informed decisions on the course of action on the marketing campaigns running. It helps mitigate losses.
  • Management of marketing liabilities. This helps a company qualitatively keep its financial health in check. Things like budgeting, expenditure, projected income, and actual income, to mention a few, are put into perspective through reports and analytics.
  • Better assessment of progress and compliance of a marketing campaign. The reports and analytics documentations help companies overview the proceeding marketing projects and check if they are compliant with all the set rules. This may be in terms of copyright infringement, social media rules, and other things of the sort.
  • Better assessment of the business’s cash flow through the marketing campaigns. Marketing Reports and analytics are focused on numbers, and this shows where the funds were allocated and how they were utilized down to the very last penny.


Quarterly reporting

One of the principles of Unifage is offering your enterprise a quarterly reporting arrangement. This is the reports and analytics on how your business has performed in three months(90 days). We break down every tool employed, whether on social media, print media, or website-related, and quantifiably present the performances.

Monthly reporting

Besides the quarterly reporting, which happens every three months, we offer your business more fine-tuned reporting and analytics every 30 days. This is very efficient for the short-term and quick returns goals you may have put in place.

KPI & SMART Goal Management

With the marketing reports and analytics we provide to project the success rate of your company, we offer KPI & SMART goal management that ensures that the business’s goals are reached. With the quarterly and monthly reports plus the analytics given, you can see how reaching every goal is fairing by looking at the numbers.
The Expected Outcome


Qualitative and comprehensive reports monthly, quarterly, and annually.


Better goal management and monitoring.


Better results of your competitive, customer behavior, performance, and predictive analytics.


Better customer retention and lifetime value.


A chance to deliver the right message at the right time using the right procedure and means.

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Once you partner up with us, we offer you our full support to get the marketing reports and analytics done so that you can boost your business even further up the ladder of success.