A digital marketing strategy isn’t complete without robust reports and analytics to determine its success or lack thereof. Gathering, organizing, and comparing data sources to easily assess the performance of your campaigns will help you identify actionable steps to improve your marketing goals. UNIFAGE, experts in marketing reports and analytics services, can help set you up for success.

In inbound digital marketing, reporting is used to gather relevant data and store it in a single, easy-to-use location, while analytics is used to deep dive into the data to identify opportunities. Combined, reporting and analytics provides a comprehensive result that your business can use to optimize the performance of your digital marketing campaigns.

Marketing Reports and Analytics

Why do

Here are some of the reasons why companies require digital marketing report and analytics

  • Identify performance against market trends. Industries are ever-changing, and your marketing strategy needs to change in real-time to keep up. Reports and analytics are a fast and simple way to determine how your strategy stacks up against the trends and your competition.
  • Continuous improvement. Since reporting and analytics happen in real-time, your business is able to pivot quickly to adapt to the changing environment. Your strategy will be evergreen, well-informed, and backed by factual data rather than opinions.
  • Manage marketing budget and spending. Keep your financial health in check by tracking your marketing spending against your return on investment. Gain perspective into exactly where your dollars are being spent and where you may need to reallocate them to see success.
  • Increase brand awareness. Analyzing metrics surrounding your business’s search volume, traffic, and customer reviews and sentiments will help you determine opportunities to improve your brand’s awareness and put you at an advantage over competitors.


Quarterly reporting

UNIFAGE marketing reports and analytics services offer quarterly reporting to give you visibility into how your business and marketing strategy has been performing over the past three months. Within this report, we break down each marketing tactic, method, and channel to allow you to make decisions backed by data.

Monthly reporting

In addition to quarterly reporting, we offer businesses monthly reporting and analytics against short-term goals to allow you to make quick decisions to pivot or stay the course.

KPI & SMART Goal Management

UNIFAGE will help you develop KPIs and SMART goals to objectively track the success of your digital marketing strategy and ensure you stay on track with your short and long-term investments. Goals will be developed with the monthly and quarterly reports in mind, delivering consistent results you can use.
What To Expect


Qualitative and comprehensive reports monthly, quarterly, and annually


Goal development, management, and monitoring


Detailed insights into customer behavior, campaign performance, competitors, and predictive analytics


Higher customer retention and loyalty


Enhanced campaign accuracy to the right customer with the right method at the right time

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Leverage UNIFAGE’s marketing reports and analytics services to develop your strategy today. Contact us to get started!