Marketing strategy is the processes and procedures that a company employs to stay ahead of the competition. It entails extensive research into the industry in which the company operates in order to determine the best approach. It includes things like niche strategy, which is tailored to a specific industry because clients in different industries interact differently with suppliers and sellers.
At Unifage, we assist you in obtaining the best inbound marketing strategies and, even more importantly, inputting them into action for maximum impact.

Marketing Strategy


Failing to plan is planning to fail, which is why businesses require a set procedure to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Planning should be divided into several sections, such as departmental and individual so that the responsible member(s) of staff can complete the tasks at hand on time and in the best possible way to produce results.

Here are some of the reasons marketing strategy is vital for companies:

  • Companies need marketing strategies so that they can correctly establish their target audience. A marketing planning then focuses on these demographics to tailor-make all the products and services the business offers.
  • Companies need a marketing strategy to identify which channel is the best and the most profitable channel (social media, adverts, website) to use and optimize.
  • It helps companies stay organized internally, enabling inter-departmental coordination.
  • To garner more traffic towards the business’s website through organic interactions.
  • It helps companies avoid bottlenecks, and it emperors decision-making.
  • It provides a company the merit forecast of their success if things go according to plan.
  • It helps the company fix any advertising budget in advance and efficiently quantify the forecasted revenue income on every tool used.


Out teams at Unifage that carry out all your marketing strategy planning and implementation carry out the following:

Market research

We provide excellent market research to help you identify your target audience so that we can create the best marketing plan for your business.

The market research is also tailored to each product and service offered under your brand. Using the tools we have, we shall complete this task to get your business on the map and help it stay there.

Market planning

We have sharpened our skills in making excellent market plans that are specific to your customers. We help you quantify everything so that it all makes sense. More so, we ensure that every avenue you use to reach your clients, like social media and your website, are optimized.

Agile Project management

If you have any running projects or want to start any, we are here to help. Our experts are highly organized to arrange each campaign and direct all tools to ensure its success.

Annual business planning

Unifage is dedicated to making the best changes were needed in the annual business planning arrangement. Every year working with us, you will get an updated plan to better how you conduct your services.
What To Expect Once You Join Our Team


You get full access to all our resources for market research and planning.


You get a better website and social media performance through planning.


You enjoy better site visits and conversion rates.


Business plan reviews.


Enhanced interaction.


Regular plan revisions.

Small business marketing strategy explainer in 2021

Small business marketing strategy explainer in 2021
We are a client-oriented company that will use all the resources possible to provide your company the best market planning yet.

So do not hesitate and join our team today!