3 Intriguing Ideas That Sell When It Comes To Modern Website Design

Why a modern website design is important? A website is your company’s identity. It is the tool that pulls a prospective subscriber or client and helps them decide if you are the perfect person for the job or not. Your website design can, therefore, be the making or breaking point of your business, dictating if you will be successful or not.

Creating a website needs to be a hit, never a miss. And here are three great ideas that will make yours stand out from the billions of sites out there.

So without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Go big on design but be subtle

It sounds like an oxymoron to use the word big and subtle in one sentence, right?

Well, when it comes to modern website designs, there are pretty clever ways you can achieve this.


One way is to be deliberate with the color scheme of your site. Colors have an exciting way of tapping into the human subconscious.

Take a look at this:

When you see a site with lots of greens, tans, browns, and blues, you instantly think of something grounding. And this will instinctively right off the bat inform you that this site has something to do with nature, the environment, something humanitarian, or some charity. And when you see lots of powerful colors like reds, you see energy, passion, and something delicious. That is why you will notice most food brands use red as their primary color.

It is all in mind. And using color is one way to go big yet remain subtle.


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and so if you have two high-quality snaps, you essentially have two thousand words. Therefore in modern website design, imagery is a trump card that could make you pretty memorable. On that note, other visual content could very well be categorized under this section. Always go for high-quality, compelling, and intriguing pictures, videos, infographics, graphs, and even screenshots of testimonials.

Make SEO your friend

SEO started small, but now, if your site is not optimized using SEO strategies, you miss out big time. Every day, there are new SEO strategies that are improved, and so if you do not jump on them, you get left behind. SEO is meant to help you rank higher and drive more traffic to your site. And this consequently increases your value as a business by increasing your revenue.

Perfect your customer experience

Who are you in business for?

Your customers right. So on that note, ensure that anyone who logs into your site gets the best experience they can. Include user-friendly elements on your site like live chat and ensure that someone tends to their questions around the clock. Include FAQ sections, include tutorial videos, informative articles, a blog, and any other material that can help you keep them engaged. This is to ensure that they spend no less than 30 minutes on your site. And all that while, they are getting quality after quality.

Bottom line

Modern website design is not rocket science; you have to be deliberate with it. Never leave anything to chance and ensure everything is top-shelf. Use awe-inspiring designs, employ colors to invoke emotion, use visual content smartly, utilize SEO, and perfect your customer experience. With that, you will win, no doubt about it.

Video: 7 phase modern website design process

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