UNIFAGE, an Orange County Digital Marketing Agency specializes in CRM solutions by providing businesses with Integrated Unified Communications. Based in Irvine, California, the marketing agency is a global leader in video marketing and website design with clients across all industries. Our main objective is to support progressive services by actively facilitating client-centered applications. At UNIFAGE, we seek to transform B2B bandwidth and help promote change by solving resource challenges for our clients. As an online video marketing company, we collaborate with strategic partners in supplying bricks-and-clicks infrastructure to dynamic communities.

We are the preferred brand for clients looking to embrace innovation and promote functionalized partnerships in communication solutions. UNIFAGE has a reputation for consistently creating alternative and authoritative designs.


We offer a wide range of online marketing services including web design to help your website reach optimum performance. We design and engineer your business website with your unique sales process, integrated follow-up systems, and client personas in mind. We also offer inbound digital marketing services to increase revenues, brand authority, and leads. UNIFAGE delivers an intelligent digital marketing platform that provides your business with a strategy to realize short and long-term goals.

As a Hubspot partner, we set up Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and help clients increase productivity and exceed their expectations. Our team of programmatic marketing experts brings profitable results by reaching even the most definite client profiles. Additionally, our professionals monitor brand mentions and pertinent conversations. We also schedule social media posts to be published at the right time, as well as automatically tracking subsequent engagements.

Why choose our digital marketing and CRM services?

Online video marketing has gained significant importance over the last few years. The role of the media has grown exponentially in contemporary society. Today, many businesses realize the importance of online video marketing. As the best online video marketing company, we guarantee that our services will help your company boost SEO ranking and attract a bigger audience.
Businesses should take advantage of expanding digital marketing platforms. In addition to helping you establish brand awareness, UNIFAGE also creates brand authority, enabling your company to expand into new markets. We guarantee numerous benefits of online video marketing such as:


Why do you need to boost your SEO?

The growing importance and applicability of the internet as a marketing tool increases the need to boost your SEO. Contrary to what most businesses believe, SEO performance is not tied only to written content. Although keywords and written content are vital components for search engine ranking, several other factors are considered in the algorithm. UNIFAGE, an Orange County Digital Media Agency in California, helps our clients ensure high-quality content and a healthy mix of visual and written media. These factors are essential to rank higher on search engines.

Our role as an online video marketing company is to help you make online video marketing an essential part of your digital strategy. Indeed, websites with engaging media and relevant keywords perform better on search engines. Subsequently, boosting your SEO rankings will attract more potential customers.

Do you already have a stunning and fully functional website?

Great, but it is not enough in this new era of social media and competitive marketing. You need an integrated marketing automation system to ensure you do not lose the right audience. UNIFAGE, an Orange County Digital Marketing Agency can help you create a successful social media, SEO, OOC, Visual Identity, and video marketing campaign.