Paid media marketing is simply marketing that a company pays for. This includes both television commercials and print advertisements. However, digital marketing is a more modernized form of paid media. Pay-per-click (PPC), paid social media ads, and even search engine marketing are examples of this (SEM). A company must pay an external marketer to have its branded content and advertisements displayed.

paid media marketing


Paid media might appear archaic or ineffective, but it is a perfect way to market your company and its products. Below are some of the reasons why you should use it.

  • It can help you comprehend the needs of your customers better. For example, social media platforms can be used to collect essential and valuable user data such as demographics and behavioral data, which you can use to acquire more knowledgeable input about your ideal customer and the easiest way to influence them.
  • You can engage with your target audience easily. Your advertisements will be tailored basing the content on factors such as demographics, connections, and interests. This means that it is possible to reach a specific group of people quickly.
  • When you used paid media, you will be complementing your owned and earned media. This will increase your reach even further, making it easier for your business to reach more potential customers.
  • Paid media marketing is multipurpose. For example, PPC advertising has different formats such as ad words and keyword incorporation, all of which you can be used to market your business.
  • Paid media is flexible. This means different sizes, cost options, and formats vary according to the business’s size and requirements. Therefore, a business of any size will benefit from it.
  • It is an easier and faster way to create brand awareness. Most paid media options are pocket-friendly but with a high reach. This helps your business to build product awareness faster but in a cost-effective way.


At Unifage, we offer several paid media marketing services. They include:

Paid Social Media Ads

With paid social media, your advertisements and messages are displayed on popular social media accounts such as Facebook. Every post and message is specifically tailored to address a specific sub-audience.

This means your business will be known to a target audience that wouldn’t have seen it on your accounts. This is a cost-effective way to promote your business and reach more potential customers.


This stands for pay per click. It is an internet marketing model where you pay a specific fee every time a user clicks your ad. It is like a marketing method where you buy visits to your website or profile rather than waiting to earn the visits organically.

Paid media management

We will ensure that all your paid media advertising needs are met by managing your paid media options. This will be a catalyst for your brand to amplify its awareness and still stay within your budget.

Conversion rate optimization

This is like a systematic process aimed at increasing visitors’ percentage to a website after taking the desired action, such as filling out forms.

Your website is optimized based on the visitors’ behavior. This helps their probability to take the desired actions, the conversions.

What to expect


The rate of conversion from leads to customers will increase.


A wider audience will know about your brand.


An increase in sales


You will garner a solid following.

Video: What is PPC - Price Per Click?

What is PPC Price Per Click
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