Web design and development, as the name implies, is the design that a website emulates when it is displayed on the internet. This includes the site’s user experience elements.
A web designer will work on the website’s appearance, layout, and, in some cases, content. This means they are in charge of the fonts, colors, images, and other visual aspects of a website. A web designer is also in charge of how information is structured, categorized, and displayed on the website.
All of this should result in a website that is user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and simple to use.

Best Web design and development 2021


  • A good website creates an excellent first impression. Once your audience visits your website, they are more likely to judge your business within the first few seconds. Having a unique website will help you take advantage of this and create first good impressions.
    On the contrary, if the website looks unappealing, the impression will be harmful, and chances are they might switch to another brand’s website as soon as possible.
  • It can help your Search Engine Optimization strategy. When you partner up with a top-tier web design agency, it will positively influence how you publish your content on the website by having on-page SEO fundamentals up to snuff. In turn, this will improve your website’s visibility.
  • A good website will make a customer believe in your brand and expect excellent customer service; it is like a customer service representative.
    The website’s design will be an indication of how you treat your customers. If you didn’t put any effort into creating a good website, will you be able to put any effort into assisting them?
  • Your competitors are already utilizing web design services to their advantage. Business is a competition, and every entrepreneur has to do anything in their might to stand out from the rest.
    Therefore, having a good website will ensure you remain in the competition bracket and not left out.


We create sites that are suited to your audience

At Unifage, we ensure that your website is designed and engineered in such a way that it suits your audience’s needs and personas, as well as making it a fit competition to your competitors. Your website will be designed in such a way that it defines your brand and incorporates the best ways to market your products and services.

SEO optimized Website

Your website will also be optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which will ensure that it appears among the choices when a potential customer goes online to initiate an online search. SEO aims to enable your business to organically gain a higher rank for keywords relevant to your products and services.

On-page and off-page optimization

At Unifage, we combine on-page and off-page efforts, structuring the website so that crawlers gain a better understanding of what is in your website.

Landing Page Design Development

We also offer landing page design and development services. Also known as a lead capturing page, a landing page is a page in a website tailored to convert leads to customers. The pages allow you to capture the visitors’ information in exchange for an offer.
What You Should Expect


An aesthetically pleasing website that is easy to navigate


A functional website with quality features


A website with a clear call to actions


An increase in traffic to your website


A website that is optimized for both search and social web


A technically stable and secure website


Increased sales

Video: 7 Phase Web Design Process

7 phase web design process
When you establish a working relationship with Unifage, you should expect a result that primarily focuses on marketing your business and products in our current digital world.

Contact us today and let our team of professionals handle your website design and development needs; you will like it!