The best way to create a perfect landing page

No matter it’s a landing page, email, blog, or whatever else, an empty page can be scary. Numerous advertisers normally need to remember every single piece of appropriate data for their landing pages, and that really makes sense.
A perfect landing page does not really contain everything. It’s crucial to remove data that isn’t legitimately going to help drive a visitor to convert and make sure all the included info is easy to understand and consume.
Sounds like a hard job? Well, it not! We will go over all tips and tricks that help us make it an easy one:

Get ready before designing your landing page

A little preparation is handy. Start with questions like, what is the goal of this page, or what actions you want the visitor to take on the page? As an example, in case you need to generate leads then you will need a form of course.
So, the first step would be to figure out the right content to achieve the results. Take a look at your service or product and specify what it has to offer to fulfill the people’s needs. If there is a long list, remove them all and keep a few but the most interesting ones. This is very important to avoid cold contacts to bounce immediately.

So far we know, to start making a perfect landing page we need:
The main reason we are creating this page

  • A shortlist of the most convincing features our product or service has
  • A form to collect visitors data

Let’s get started with designing the page now while we keep the followings in mind:

  • The header has to be big showing the main point we chose before. It would be great you make this header as friendly and engaging as possible. Also, don’t forget to use strong words!
  • Use the highlighted shortlist we created before right after the heading and keep them all in the above-the-fold space. The fold area is visible without scrolling and is guaranteed to be seen by the visitors.
  • Below the fold belongs to everything that worth including. There are 2 important notes here. We don’t want to clutter our page and also need to make sure its light and fast loading. A very nice and working technique would be using an accordion that allows contacts to see a collapsible heading and check whatever they are willing to learn more about by a simple click.
  • The last decision would be the page should include a link to your website. This is an opportunity for the contacts to get more information, but it also pulls attention away from our form which is our main focus. Here is where a partner like Unifage can help you monitor and track the visitors’ behavior and target them with nurturing and intelligent marketing campaigns even if they don’t convert, but start looking at a different product on your website.