What is Remarketing and Retargeting | a Great Marketing Technique in 2021

You have probably come across the terms remarketing and retargeting. Are these just new buzzwords or techniques that work? Let’s figure out what is remarketing and retargeting marketing technique real quick:

First, the two terms are related. To understand what they mean, we must comprehend why they exist. Imagine a scenario where a prospective client visits your site. They are browsing through your products and have selected a few items to purchase. Unfortunately, most customers don’t go beyond this stage. They might add a few items to the cart but won’t proceed to checkout.

Why is this likely to happen?

It might be a customer’s first time using your site. They probably realize that they can’t go on with a purchase because they don’t know whether your site is credible.
A prospective client may get distracted by something that prevents them from completing the purchase process.
A customer may fail to find the particular item that they were interested in.
One may decide to postpone the purchase to a later date, and they forget about your site’s existence entirely.

Does it mean that your marketing efforts won’t bear any fruits?

Not necessarily.

There is a way to get that client back. If they forgot about your site, you could exploit these tools to remind them. This is where remarketing and retargeting plays an important role.

What is remarketing and retargeting?

Remarketing is based on the principle of cookies. We don’t mean your regular cookies here!

Cookies are components that exist on web browsers for the purpose of collecting, storing, and reporting information about your browsing habits. Cookies shouldn’t be confused with spyware. The latter is installed on a device as an intrusive measure, while cookies are designed to enhance users’ experience.

When cookies gather information about your browsing history, they enable search engines to tailor search results and advertisements to your specific tastes. The choice of the device doesn’t affect the efficiency of cookies.

Every time a visitor browses through a seller’s website, the cookies on their devices store their information for marketing purposes. When the customers leave the website for one reason or another, advertisement systems gain access to the information collected by the cookies and can refer to it for advertisement purposes.

The customer is likely to undertake other browsing tasks the next time they get on the internet. These include reading articles on other sites, interacting with other people on social networks, and watching videos. Regardless of their activity, it is possible to reach them with ads that have been re-engineered or, rather, highly retargeted. Now we have a better understanding of “what is remarketing and retargeting,” let’s check out a few examples:

Examples of retargeted advertisements

  • Are you still interested in this laptop?
  • You were fascinated by this blue jacket, how about a red one?
  • What is the purpose of retargeting?

Retargeted advertisements are specially engineered to remind prospective clients about your online store. They are crucial in converting prospects into customers by bringing them back to your site to complete a purchase they had abandoned earlier.

This marketing technique has a high potential and high chance of success. You already know who to market to with a particular offer because they have already looked your products up.

You can also recommend an alternative product that they would fancy. An upside of retargeting is its ability to grow your credibility as an online seller. A customer will recognize you from their earlier attempts and start to trust your service.

How to conduct remarketing campaigns?

Designing a relevant campaign can turn out to be a complex affair. Your message needs to appear on several marketing platforms. As if that is not enough, you need an efficient way of setting cookies, budgeting, and scheduling. What’s the solution?

Seek the experts! You don’t need to undertake these complex tasks on your own.

Enter: Unifage

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